Financial Accounting System

System Access Policy

1. Financial System Access is granted with Senior Business Officer
   approval to Permanent Regular Faculty & Staff.

2. Expenditure Card Access granted through the same access form as
   Inquiry & Update Access are governed by the same rules including
   Mandatory Training to all Staff.

3. In order to inform users of changes or additions to The
   Financial System, Mass Emailing of these items is also part of
   having System Access.     

4. There are also certain Payroll Status Codes where access will be
   SBO's are notified of these deletions:

               Inactive Without Pay Activity
               Leave Without Pay Activity
               Retired With Pay Activity
Retired Without Pay Activity
   SBO's are not notified of these deletions:

               Terminated Employee
               Terminated With Pay

5. There are no exceptions to these policies.

Last Revision Date: 04/13/2007